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REAL Grenadine

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Originally, grenadine was a pomegranate syrup used in drinks for it's tart, sweet flavor and intense red color. Unfortunately today's mass produced grenadines are just high fructose corn syrup with artificial colors and flavors. Luckily for you, our Real Grenadine stands tastefully apart - authentic in its ingredients and unrivaled in its flavor. Our cold-processing retains the fruits naturally fresh flavors and rich color. Pure cane sugar and orange blossom water lend this syrup great balance and an elegant floral aroma. Try it in classics like the Jack Rose or Tequila Sunrise...or a Shirley Temple.


Fresh pomegranate juice, Cane sugar, Gum arabic (plant derived), Orange Blossom Water, Citric acid (citrus derived), Benzoic acid (plant derived)

Using ½ oz of Real Grenadine for a cocktail, each bottle makes approximately 16 cocktails

Does not contain alcohol.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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