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Classic Gum Syrup

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Gum syrup (or Gomme syrup) has long been a staple ingredient in the world’s best cocktail bars and has been in use since the 1800s (see Jerry Thomas' Bar-tenders Guide from 1862).

Gum syrup is simple syrup combined with gum arabic, an all-natural emulsifier derived from African acacia trees. The addition of gum arabic lends the syrup a silky and more luxuriant mouthfeel when compared to a common simple syrup. It provides a superb texture for shaken and stirred cocktails alike.  It is a superior sweetener with incredible versatility. Our Classic Gum Syrup is a rich 2:1 simple syrup, meaning a little goes a long way. Try it in classics like the Old Fashioned or Sazerac, or with iced tea, coffee, or lemonade.


Cane sugar, Filtered water, Gum arabic (plant derived), Citric acid (citrus derived)

Using ½ oz of Gum Syrup for a cocktail, each bottle makes approximately 16 cocktails

Does not contain alcohol.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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