At The Whiskey Ice Co.®, we are proud to support businesses in the USA.  We enjoy whiskys, whiskies/scotches, and other fine spirits from around the globe.  However, we think it is important for all countries to support local commerce by manufacturing in their own country whenever possible.  All products made by The Whiskey Ice Co.® are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA and brought to you from the State of Texas.

All of the products manufactured by The Whiskey Ice Co. are made by Americans who earn competitive wages and have access to health care.

We periodically offer a small amount of products that are manufactured by third-parties which are located outside of the USA (including Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada and parts of Asia), but all third party products are strictly monitored for fair wages and treatment of employees.

We care about the environment and we do our part by sourcing Upcycled scrap aluminum to use in manufacturing and post consumer recycled packaging materials in shipping and printed materials.

You can learn more about our Green Commitment here.