The Whiskey Ice Co. - Lifetime Product Promise

Making and offering the highest quality Products is what we were born to do, it's in our blood, but not in a weird Halloween sort of way, in a "we-are-so-proud-of-what-we-do-we-want-you-to-be-proud-too" sort of way. Our Products include, our flagship Spherical Ice Ball Makers™, handcrafted bar tools, professional glassware, apparel, and other Whiskey Lifestyle™ gear.

What do we promise?

We promise that all of the Products we send to you will be free from defects or other malfunctions that were caused by how these products were produced.

How long do we promise this?

We promise to cover the products you buy from us, for the lifetime of the Products, including our Spherical Ice Ball Maker™.  We will share some insights on this below, but we try to take care of you, because we're in this together. Limited coverage may still exist if the Product is sold to a third party (e.g. if you sell one of your ice ball makers to your cousin Willie), but please contact us for more guidance, if this applies to you...just to be safe.  Products received as gifts are covered with the same Lifetime Promise too, so don't worry.

What will we do for you if you need to get help?

We promise to repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning item or part at no charge to you; you (the buyer/owner) are responsible for return shipping costs, but we will reship the repaired or replaced Product to you at no charge, and we will use expedited shipping to send it back at our cost (e.g. Priority Mail™), because we would not want to wait either. We have your back! More on this below.

Is there anything that doesn't include the Lifetime Product Promise?

We will do our best to help you, no matter what the situation may be, but there are a few things that we are not able to cover. Most of this is probably common sense, but we like to be thorough.  Examples of the sorts of things that we are not able to cover with our Lifetime Product Promise, due to being external circumstances:

  • abuse (i.e. don't hurt the Product, it can't defend itself), 
  • misuse (i.e. don't use the Product for something it wasn't intended), 
  • neglect (i.e. pretend the Product belongs to your mom, so please take care of it), 
  • damages from attempted repairs by the buyer/owner (i.e. don't try this at home - we're professionals, let us fix it for you); 
  • Force majeure or any "unpredictable occurrence" (that's just a fancy way of saying "Acts of God/Acts of Nature”, such as a flood, earthquake, meteorites, etc.; or acts of man such as a fire or vandalism, etc.)

Also, consequential and/or incidental damages are not something we can cover (e.g. scratches from being in your sink, dents/dings, marks in the finish, etc.). Some US states do not allow for the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you, but the odds are high that does not. The anodized coating on the Spherical Ice Ball Makers (e.g. the hard finish in silver, copper, gold or black) is part of the Lifetime Promise too, but marks, such as scratches or abrasions or signs of wear are not covered...but lucky for you they are very durable already.

Special note about damages as a result of shipping:

While damage as a result of shipping is extremely rare (due to the engineered packaging designs we use, heavy-duty boxes, etc., and in particular, each Spherical Ice Ball Maker is placed inside an 8 mil protective outer sleeve, prior to being packaged), these type of claims must be filed with the shipper who transported the Product to you (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.); however, we are happy to work with you in such cases to assist in resolving a damage claim with the respective shipper.  

Note: Due to certain regulations with postal carriers outside of the USA (i.e. international postal carriers) and possible language barriers, we are unable to assist with communications with international postal carriers, beyond providing detailed Product and shipping information, including example packaging or customs information as needed.


How do you get help, if you need to take us up on our trusty Lifetime Promise? 

If you have a problem, we're here for you. It's easy to get in touch with us. We want to help!

(Imagine sirens and alert-type noises before continuing)

Before you try to send anything back to us, you must contact us first so we can give you a claim number, which we use to track your issue and ensure that we can take care of it as fast as possible.

Did we mention that you need to contact us before returning the Product for service or replacement?
Good, please don't forget, it makes it way harder to resolve your issue quickly, if you don't.

(Ok, the sirens and alert-type noises have stopped)

We will share more about sending back Spherical Ice Ball Makers in a moment, there is an important part about those coming up. Keep going, you're almost finished!

When does our Lifetime Promise kick-in?

It starts once the Product has been confirmed as delivered to the original shipping destination (e.g. your house, office or to whom you had it shipped - you're so generous) or, if you purchased in-person, it kicks-in at the time of sale.

Is glassware and apparel covered with the Lifetime Product Promise?

You betcha.  

We promise that any glassware produced by us will be defect and/or damage-free, we occasionally offer some glassware that is made by a third-party manufacturer, but we try to only offer those kinds of Products if they too offer some sort of lifetime coverage.

We promise that any apparel produced by us, or any third-party apparel will be free from defects and/or damage-free and will have high-quality printing or embroidery, as applicable.  However, due to the nature of how fabrics, hats and other clothing accessories wear and can deteriorate over time, and especially if you love fabric softener - since it builds up on fabric over time and caused printing to fade, we can only cover manufacturing defects - so that t-shirt you got from us 10 years ago, and gave to your cousin Willie, who wears it every single day, and uses it for a dust cloth...can't be returned.  Sorry cousin Willie.

Oh cousin Willie...

But hey, in general, take care of the Products and they will take care of you. And, as long you don't abuse our Lifetime Product Promise, we will be BFFs - and BFFs help each other when they need it! So we will always be here to help BFF.

(Don't worry though, even though we will be "BFFs", we won't try to crash on your sofa or borrow your car, or anything like that, we're speaking figuratively).

What happens after we receive your return-claim item?

After we receive your return-claim item, we will inspect the item and contact you within 72 hours to give the results of our inspection and an explanation of what is required to repair it, or we will inform you if we will elect to replace the Product instead.

If the item is repaired, the unit will be returned to you good as new.

If we replace the item, the new item will be shipped to you asap.

And like we mentioned earlier, the return trip back to you is free of charge (expedited shipping).  We just need you to cover the shipping to us.  There is no charge for inspection or repairs or parts.


Remember a little earlier, when we said that we would discuss Returns for the Spherical Ice Ball Maker more in a moment?  Well, this is that moment.

If something goes wrong with your Spherical Ice Ball Maker, please contact us first to get help and we will instruct you on how to return the unit to us for repair or replacement. If your Spherical Ice Ball Maker is sent back to us without the original packaging, it will very likely be damaged beyond repair and it will void your coverage. (Oh no! Don't do it!!)

What if I need to return the Spherical Ice Ball Maker, but I don't have the original box and packaging anymore?

Lucky for you, we have more boxes and packaging!  We will be glad to to send you a new set of packaging to ensure it's safe journey back to us.  BTW, all of our packaging and printed materials are made of 100% recycled fibers (and all of the brown kind of papers we us are 95% old grocery bags), so don't worry about using a new box, it has actually been reincarnated many times. Check out our Green Commitment for more on how we work to save Mother Nature anywhere we can.  She's the only one we have.

Once you contact us for a claim, we will instruct you on how to package and return the unit, which again must be returned in the original packaging to prevent irreparable damage.  

How does local or state law apply?

This warranty gives you specific legal rights based on the laws of the State of Texas, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. For international orders, all consumer issues are governed by US Law. But please contact us if you have trouble.

If you have any questions, please let us know.