The Whiskey Ice Co.® Spherical Ice Ball Maker is the world's best priced ice ball maker and the best thing to happen to your favorite drink since, No matter whether you drink Whiskey (or Whisky)/Scotch, Bourbon or any type of cocktail, The Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker marries science and design to perfectly chill your beverage of choice, with less dilution, when compared to regular square ice cubes.

But why make spherical ice? What’s wrong with regular square ice cubes?

The answer is related to the surface area of square cubed ice compared to the amount of liquid in your beverage.  Ice chills your drink by exchanging its "cold" for your drink's "warm". The the more ice surface touching your ice, the faster it can exchange its coldness for the warmth of your beverage. The faster the ice melts, the faster your dink becomes diluted. A sphere has the least amount of surface area of any ice shape and it allows you to have more volume of ice in your drink with less ice surface touching the drink thereby melting more slowly and diluting your drink less. This means that a sphere shills your drink more slowly and releases less water into your drink.

Simply put, The Whiskey Ice Co.® Spherical Ice Ball Maker produces ice spheres with less surface area than regular ice and keeps your drink cooler longer with less dilution

The Whiskey Ice Co.®  More Cool...Less Diluted