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The Olivia™ Connoisseur Collection - Stainless or Copper

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The Olivia™ Connoisseur Collection™ brings together some of the finest handcrafted tools for the most discerning of tastes, coupled with the exquisite Paragon™ Lead-free Crystal Aroma Glasses™, which concentrate the aroma of your cocktail or spirit of choice, thanks to the narrowed opening design.

Set includes:

1 x Olivia™ mixing glass

4 x Paragon™ Lead-free Crystal Aroma Glasses

1 x Katsumi™ Japanese-style Bar Spoon (available in Stainless Steel or Copper)

1 x Eli™ Julep Strainer (available in Stainless Steel or Copper)

Perfect for cocktails that are served without ice for a striking presentation instead of a more typical Martini glass, or sip your favorite spirit neat to enjoy the intensified aroma.

You have our Lifetime Product Promise, for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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