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Perfect Manhattan

Much like the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan is one of the oldest and (and in our opinion, one of the finest) cocktails. The Manhattan is the first cocktail documented to use vermouth as a modifier. And just like the Old Fashioned, there are many variations of the Manhattan, but we’re partial to this variant – with an ice ball of course.

Recipes from the Lab

Fanciulli Cocktail with Fernet Branca Ice Ball

The origin of the Fanciulli Cocktail is somewhat hazy, but the flavor definitely is not. A reference to the Fanciulli Cocktail was published in 1931 book "Old Waldorf Bar Days," by Albert Stevens Crockett, a book that reminisced about just what the name implies, "days at the Waldorf (hotel) bar," before it later merged with the Astoria and became the "Waldorf-Astoria" that we know of today.