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Recipes from the Lab

The Obrigado Cocktail

An infused ice ball cocktail recipe. It takes 24 hours of prep, but it's worth it. "Obrigado" is Portuguese for "Thank you", and we are ready for spring to arrive, so we created this to say "thanks, winter, it's been great but we need some spring time already." And springtime in Brazil is pretty long as you stick to the coastal beach areas like Rio and São Paulo is nice too.

Recipes from the Lab

Tequila House Cocktail with Campari Ice Ball

Campari® is one of those unique flavors that people either 'get' or dislike completely, similar to peoples reaction to cilantro (love or hate).  It is a shame too because Campari® has a beautifully complex bitter-sweet flavor combination that is almost indescribable. It can make the ordinary exquisite and extraordinary even more unique and amazing.