Recipes from the Lab

The Obrigado Cocktail

An infused ice ball cocktail recipe. It takes 24 hours of prep, but it's worth it. "Obrigado" is Portuguese for "Thank you", and we are ready for spring to arrive, so we created this to say "thanks, winter, it's been great but we need some spring time already." And springtime in Brazil is pretty great...as long as you stick to the coastal beach areas like Rio and São Paulo is nice too.

Recipes from the Lab, General

Old School Cocktail Revival - Jockey Club Cocktail No. 2 with Almond Lemonade Ice Ball

Some of our most favorite cocktails are the ones that your grandfather, or even your grandfather's grandfather may have enjoyed.  The Jockey Club No. 2 is a revival of the original, from the 1930s (so we'll call this one "old school" since your grandfather or perhaps great grandfather may have enjoyed it).

Recipes from the Lab

Old School Cocktail Revival - The Bourbon Crusta

When we started thinking about the old school, and even the "oldest school" cocktails that your great grandfather enjoyed, several classics came to mind, the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, etc. We thought to ourselves "selves, we should go major old school." So we dusted off the Bourbon Crusta...

Simplest Craft Cocktails, Recipes from the Lab

The World's Simplest Craft Cocktails - Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour

When we think about the oldest "old school" cocktails, one that is making a welcomed resurgence is the Whiskey Sour.  For what seemed like, well, way too long, some people (including some who called themselves 'bartenders') had been using fluorescent green and yellow "sour mix" that only had the word 'sour' in common with lemons (as it is doubtful any real juice was an ingredient). This was a crime and if you are still guilty of the mass produced "sour mix" usage, step away from it immediately.