We have a winner for this month's Mystery Box Contest!

We're excited to have wrapped up the first mystery box contest! The tabulating has been tabulated, the counts have been counted and we have selected a winner (actually, we used a random name selection algorithm which pulled the name from the pool of entries...but it sounded better if we pretended to do the work).

A lot of people took advantage of their personal referral link and earned three additional entries - for each of the friends they referred. There was another easy way to double your chances of winning too, and all it took was confirm your email  (we sent a confirmation to everyone who entered, along with a special thank you gift via email) - unfortunately only half of the people who entered did that. You hurt your chances people!

The mystery box (well technically, it's two boxes) contains the following:

Whew, the lucky winner is well, lucky.  

Since this contest was based on sharing, and we wanted to get people talking and sharing the contest, we're giving the person that referred our winner to the contest a little something too (because hey, if we referred someone and they won...we'd hope for a little something ourselves).

The lucky runner up still gets one of our fine shirts, and and a surprise syrup included.

Without further ado, the Mystery Box winner for June is:

Jody!  (We will be contacting you via email)

Our Runner Up, who was nice enough to refer Jody to the contest is:

Blake! (We will be contacting you via email)

Woo-hoo! Contests!!

Bummed that you didn't win?  Have no fear, the next Mystery Box Contest kicks off on July 4th!!