Our Green Commitment

We at The Whiskey Ice Co.® are committed to designing and manufacturing in the USA.  We are also committed to the environment, which is why we source scrap aluminum from the USA, also known as "Upcycling", to use in manufacturing.  Checkout this great article on about Upcycling vs. Recycling. Our other manufactured products use recycled metals whenever possible, including a minimum of 60% recycled stainless steel, and we use scrap copper for copper-plated products.

Besides upcycling aluminum, we use a minimum of 60% recycled stainless steel, and reclaimed copper and gold. We also use post-consumer recycled packaging materials in all of our shipping and printing.  And, we still offer the best price for a complete ice ball maker set in the world, while guaranteeing it for life.

Why do we care so much about where our aluminum and other metals come from? 

If we look at just aluminum, every year, aluminum scrap is discarded and ends up in our landfills to stay there for a lifetime.  By repurposing aluminum scrap (a.k.a. Upcycling), we are removing "waste aluminum" piece by piece and converting it into something new and usable, and you can feel good about your Spherical Ice Ball Maker™ knowing that you too are doing your part to help the world be a little greener.

Aluminum comes from refining Bauxite, which requires a lot of energy, water and chemicals to become aluminum. By sourcing scrap aluminum, we can reduce what is recycled, which also consumes a large amount of energy, water itself. The aluminum reused in just one of our Spherical Ice Ball Makers saves up to 19.6 lbs (6kg) of bauxite from refining, 8.8 lbs. (4kg) of chemicals and 124.47 kWh of electricity

And, according to the US Department of Energy, the average US home consumes about 30 kWh of electricity per day, so by using scrap aluminum to make just one of our Spherical Ice Ball Makers saves enough energy to run an entire US home for over 4 days!

Cheers to a better world™  Your friends at The Whiskey Ice Co.®