2019 Nightclub and Bar Show Wrap Up

Fresh back from the 2019 Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas, it was a pretty crazy and awesome show. We took the opportunity to officially launch our Professional Series Ice Ball Maker, and the Professional Series Upgrade Base for our customers who have our existing Spherical Ice Ball Maker. The response was unbelievable to say the least.


Our Green Commitment

We at The Whiskey Ice Co.® are committed to designing and manufacturing in the USA.  We are also committed to the environment, which is why we source scrap aluminum from the USA, also known as "Upcycling", to use in manufacturing.  Checkout this great article on about Upcycling vs. Recycling. Our other manufactured products use recycled metals whenever possible, including a minimum of 60% recycled stainless steel, and we use scrap copper for copper-plated products.

Besides upcycling aluminum, we use a minimum of 60% recycled stainless steel, and reclaimed copper and gold. We also use post-consumer recycled packaging materials in all of our shipping and printing.  And, we still offer the best price in the world for a complete ice ball maker set, while guaranteeing it for life.

Why do we care so much about where the aluminum comes from? 

Because every year, aluminum scrap is discarded and ends up in our landfills to stay there for a lifetime.  By re-purposing aluminum scrap (a.k.a. Upcycling), we are removing waste aluminum piece by piece and converting it into something new and usable, and you can feel good about your Spherical Ice Ball Maker knowing that you too are doing your part to help the world be a little greener.


Memorial Day Flash Sale

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives protecting our great nation while in the armed forces. We ask that you take a moment and raise a glass to toast the fallen soldiers and military personnel who have helped to keep our country free.

We rarely offer sales on our patent pending ice ball maker because we believe that we already offer the best, largest, most efficient, and greenest ice ball maker in the world, and it already includes all accessories that you need to use it…

Recipes from the Lab, General

Perfect Manhattan

Much like the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan is one of the oldest and (and in our opinion, one of the finest) cocktails. The Manhattan is the first cocktail documented to use vermouth as a modifier. And just like the Old Fashioned, there are many variations of the Manhattan, but we’re partial to this variant – with an ice ball of course.

Recipes from the Lab, General

Old School Cocktail Revival - Jockey Club Cocktail No. 2 with Almond Lemonade Ice Ball

Some of our most favorite cocktails are the ones that your grandfather, or even your grandfather's grandfather may have enjoyed.  The Jockey Club No. 2 is a revival of the original, from the 1930s (so we'll call this one "old school" since your grandfather or perhaps great grandfather may have enjoyed it).


We have a winner for this month's Mystery Box Contest!

We're excited to have wrapped up the first mystery box contest! The tabulating has been tabulated, the counts have been counted and we have selected a winner (actually, we used a random name selection algorithm which pulled the name from the pool of entries...but it sounded better if we pretended to do the work).

A lot of people took advantage of their personal referral link and earned three additional entries - for each of the friends they referred. There was another easy way to double your chances of winning too, and all it took was confirm your email  (we sent a confirmation to everyone who entered, along with a special thank you gift via email) - unfortunately only half of the people who entered did that. You hurt your chances people!

The mystery box (well technically, it's two boxes) contains the following:

Whew, the lucky winner is well, lucky.  

Since this contest was based on sharing, and we wanted to get people talking and sharing the contest, we're giving the person that referred our winner to the contest a little something too (because hey, if we referred someone and they won...we'd hope for a little something ourselves).

The lucky runner up still gets one of our fine shirts, and and a surprise syrup included.

Without further ado, the Mystery Box winner for June is:

Jody!  (We will be contacting you via email)

Our Runner Up, who was nice enough to refer Jody to the contest is:

Blake! (We will be contacting you via email)

Woo-hoo! Contests!!

Bummed that you didn't win?  Have no fear, the next Mystery Box Contest kicks off on July 4th!!


The Whiskey Ice Co. and Brookstone

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Brookstone to supply our famous Spherical Ice Ball Maker.   Teaming up with the leader in gadgets and gifts marks a new milestone for The Whiskey Ice Co.  Our specialized products and unrivaled warranty make for a perfect pairing with the king of executive gifts and personal gadgets.