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Champagne with Luxardo Cherry-Infused Ice Ball

Each year we celebrate all the moms out there who do their best to make sure we grow up and survive until we can take care of ourselves. One of the staples of Mothers' Day is brunch with mom and one of the staples of brunch is the venerable Mimosa.  We've already posted about how to kick the standard Mimosa up a few notches but today we thought, why stick with just a Mimosa? So today, to celebrate mom in a very special way, we give you a simple cocktail in the spirit of the Mimosa but is as unique as mom is.



Coupé glass(es) (you can also use a large stemless wine glass as long as the mouth is large enough for the ice ball
Whiskey Ice Co Spherical Ice Ball Maker


Champagne or sparkling wine/cava
Luxardo Cherry-Infused Ice Ball (directions below) - requires Luxardo Cherry syrup (no substitutions!)

To Make Luxardo Cherry-Infused Ice Ball:

The most important ingredient for the Luxardo Cherry-Infused Ice Ball is Luxardo Cherry syrup which is what all Luxardo Cherries are packed in (do not substitute regular Maraschino cherry syrup!). You will need 4 to 5 tablespoons of Luxardo syrup for each ice ball (add more or less to suit your taste).

If you are worried you won't have enough syrup, we always buy the largest can of Luxardo Cherries, which is over 12 pounds of cherries, but there is also a can of Luxardo Cherries that is half that size, and they are not cheap but they are the very best and don't worry, they have a shelf life of several you can use our Amaretto Infused cherry recipe (coming soon) to make your own awesome boozy cherries.

Add the syrup to the Whiskey Ice Co. ice plug mold cup, then fill with fresh water to the top of the logo and still well to incorporate.

Place your mold(s) in the freezer and freeze until solid. Once frozen (about 24 hours later), form into an ice ball using your Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker.

Assembling the Drink:

Place your Luxardo Cherry-infused ice ball in a coupé glass, top with chilled champagne.

Talk about presentation points!

Talk about presentation points!

That's it! Mom will be even more impressed with you than she already is!

Remember, no matter what day it is, always enjoy responsibly.


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