Recipes from the Lab

Revolver Cocktail with Coffee Ice Ball

Originally introduced by San Francisco bartender Jon Santer more than a decade ago, the Revolver cocktail is typically made with orange bitters and a dose of coffee liqueur. We decided to take to a whole new level by using a black coffee ice ball so the coffee flavor slowly releases into the bourbon.  Trust us, if you never thought that coffee was a good addition to bourbon, you are missing out. Let's go yo!

The special ingredient in this cocktail is the black coffee ice ball.  We have used the black coffee ice ball before in a striking presentation for an after dinner or brunch cocktail, but we never get tired of how well the black coffee ice ball regulates the release of the coffee flavor.

Double Old Fashioned glassmixing glassjulep strainer, Japanese-style bar spoon1 oz./½ oz. jiggerThe Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker 


  • 2 Ounces bourbon - We like Bulleit Bourbon for this drink
  • ½ Ounce simple syrup
  • 2 Dashes orange bitters
  • 1 Black coffee ice ball (recipe below)


  • Strip of orange zest

To Make Coffee Ice Ball:

  • Start with chilled-strong (we like to use cold brew) black coffee and fill your Whiskey Ice Co Ice Plug Mold to the top of the logo.
  • Freeze until solid and form an ice ball using your Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker

Step 1: In a mixing glass, add a few ice cubes, bourbon, simple syrup and bitters.

Step 2: Stir well to chill (20 stirs to the left and 20 stirs to the right).

Step 3: Place the coffee ice ball in the glass and strain cocktail into glass.

Step 4: Twist the orange peel over the glass to express oils into the drink. Garnish with twist in the cocktail and enjoy responsibly.