My Favorite Four-Letter Word - (Free)

We enjoy the people we meet, and all of the folks around the world who have supported us and made our flagship product, The Spherical Ice Ball Maker™, so popular. You guys are awesome!

We thought to ourselves, "selves, how can we let all of our friends out there know how awesome they are?" Then it came to us.  LET'S GIVE AWAY STUFF FOR FREE!

The problem was that we couldn't quite decide what sorts of things we'd like to share. We have a lot of awesome stuff, and the list is growing. From our real-copper handcrafted bar tools, to professional glassware, to apparel, and of course, our Spherical Ice Ball Makers.  Then, once we know what we want to give away...who do we choose?  We can't afford to give everything away to everyone, because we have to eat and pay the electric bill and all that.

Then it came to us AGAIN! We should have a contest and the prize is going to be a MYSTERY BOX! (imagine that being said in either the "let's get ready to rumble" style , or the "Gooooooaaaaaaaaaal!" style. 

So now we took care of the "who", and the "how"!!  All that was left was the "when?".  Let's do this each month.  (Uh, wait a second...each month, as in every month?).  That's right every month.


What kinds of stuff are we giving away?  The best kinds, because they are free! Need a little more to go with?  Here is just a smattering, a touch, a hint, a soupçon, if you will, of the kinds of stuff we're delivering in the Mystery Boxes:

Ok, so what, do I get like a single spoon or something?  Boy, you like questions.  In fact, we're stuffing one Mystery Box each month with up to $200 in goods.

Wow, that's pretty generous, why are you guys doing this?  Great question, but we answered it at the top (the you're awesome part).

But wait, there's more...

Here's the best part (we love it when we thought we already heard the "best part", but later we find out that there is a better "best part"):

Step 1 - You get one entry for completing Step 1. Sweet!

Step 2 - You get a second entry in the contest for completing this step. Awesome!!!

You will receive an email to verify that you are a real person (it's easy, you just verify your email - boom! second entry).

Step 3 - You will get a personal sharing link for sharing the contest with others.

If you share the contest with your personal link, you get very special bonus reward for sharing the contest with your friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters...
Plus, think of how much they will adore you if they win.

We're talking 80's glam-metal hair-band adoration here people - we think that's probably supposed to be like really adored.

And we're doing this each month, so you can enter all over again next month to increase your chances even more.  Be careful no to try to use bogus emails or refer yourself, our proprietary anti-cheat algorithm will auto-delete any entries it determines to be bogus (but none of us would do that anyway).

Last but not least - just for entering, you get a reward emailed to you. So you can't lose!