Ice Ball Review - Hibiki 12

Hibiki is a blended whisky from Suntory, the makers of Yamazaki. The components are aged in a variety of casks, including plum liqueur casks, before being filtered through bamboo charcoal. 

Aroma: Subtle and sophisticated. Honeysuckle and marmalade
Taste: Light and floral, crisp and clean with cake and cooked fruit
Finish: A crisp, short and light finish of plum with hints of oak
Verdict: An overall smooth whisky with more interest than many American blends. Very drinkable. It’s an excellent gateway to someone transitioning from American Bourbon to Scotch-style whisky. It’s delicate nature yields poorly to overdillution, so try a sip of it neat before adding your ice ball to help you enjoy it as it opens up.