Recipes from the Lab

Old Fashioned with Bitters Ice Ball

One of our favorite old(est) school cocktails is the Old Fashioned. We have posted several recipes and there are dozens of variations. Hailing from the late 1800’s, it was the first drink actually referred to as a “cocktail.” Traditionally made with bourbon, this cocktail is actually quite simple to make. We have experimented with other types of whiskey, such as rye, but also rum, and in certain parts of the USA, an Old Fashioned is even made with brandy, instead of whiskey. 

In a traditional Old Fashioned, the bitters are added directly to the cocktail, but by adding the bitters to the ice ball as we do in this recipe, you’ll find that the dimensions of flavor evolve as the ice ball slowly melts. You may also enjoy experimenting with different types of bitters, other than aromatic, like chocolate, walnut, coffee, have fun with it.


Double Old Fashioned glassmixing glassjulep strainer, Japanese-style bar spoon1 oz./½ oz. jiggerThe Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker 


2 ounces bourbon
1 bitters ice ball (recipe below)
¼ ounce Classic Gum Syrup simple syrup (or one sugar cube)
Orange slice (or try a Clementine, or Tangerine)
Luxardo Maraschino cherry for garnish

To Make Bitters Ice Ball:

Fill your Whiskey Ice Co. ice mold with water to the top of the logo.
Add 8-10 dashes of aromatic bitters (we used Angostura, but you can try Peychauds, Scrappy's, Hella, there are tons of great options).
Freeze until solid and form an ice ball using your Whiskey Ice Co. spherical ice ball maker.


Step 1: Place a slice of orange in the bottom of the glass and press with a muddler to release the juice and aromatic oils.

Step 2: Pour bourbon and simple syrup into a mixing glass with a few ice cubes and stir until chilled (20 stirs to the left and 20 to the right)

Step 3: Place your bitters ice ball into your double old fashioned glass and strain whiskey mixture over top.

Garnish with a Luxardo cherry and enjoy responsibly.