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The World's Simplest Craft Cocktails - Gingerbread Old Fashioned

So you're an expert at making the Old Fashioned thanks to our earlier post, but it's the holidays, so what about something a little more seasonal? We know you're probably thinking "wait a second,  this sounds harder than a traditional Old Fashioned", but have no fear, we have your holiday back on this one.

While many may think of the Old Fashioned as a whiskey cocktail, it is more of a style of cocktail, especially if we follow the original concept of the cocktail, which is a spirit, sugar and bitters, and usually garnished with a citrus peel and sometimes a cherry for color.

This opens the possibilities for a plethora of other cocktails, based on the simple Old Fashioned formula. So that simple 3-step Old Fashioned in our earlier post could be iterated through as many spirits you would like to try. This means that the Tequila Old Fashioned becomes a thing, as does the Rum Old Fashioned, or the really old school Gin Old Fashioned.

Now that we are all Old Fashioned Connoisseurs, let's start making spirits bright (see what we did there?).  Enter the very special Gingerbread Old Fashioned made with the Limited Edition Gingerbread Old Fashioned craft cocktail starter that's available exclusively for this holiday season

Mixing glass, bar spoonstrainerdouble old-fashioned glass1 oz./½ oz. jigger, Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker

2 ounces aged rum (preferably a latin rum that is not too sweet, like Bacardi 8 Años, or Ron Zacapa Centenario 23)
½ ounce Limited Edition Gingerbread Old Fashioned cocktail starter
1 ice ball from your Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker
Strip of orange peel for garnish

Step 1:  Pour the Limited Edition Gingerbread Old Fashioned cocktail starter syrup, and the aged rum into a mixing glass with a some ice cubes, and stir for about 25 seconds (about the length of time it takes to form an ice ball with the spherical ice ball maker).

Step 2: Place your ice ball into your double old-fashioned glass and strain rum mixture over top.

Step 3: To garnish, squeeze orange peel over cocktail to release oils into the glass and then toss the orange peel into the glass. You can get extra fancy if you want to press a clove through the orange peel, but we just stick with the peel itself.

You have now officially graduated from Old Fashioned university, you should celebrate with Gingerbread Old Fashioned.

Always enjoy responsibly and this holiday season, when you are getting into the spirit, just don't let too much of "the spirit" get into you.