The Real Story of Ice Balls

We hear it all the time. Folks just don't understand the difference between a genuine Ice Ball Maker from The Whiskey Ice Co. and those ice ball molds that are available in stores. Well, we thought we would do a little experiment to show the difference.

Let's start by discussing the principle behind using an ice ball in your whiskey or cocktail. A sphere is the one shape in our entire universe that has the least amount of surface area. By using an ice ball, you are working to cool your beverage without watering it down. That's the basic reason people all over the world are moving away from ice cubes and towards our ice ball maker.

But what's wrong with an ice ball mold? Doesn't it make a sphere? Well, not really. As water freezes, it expands. As it expands inside the mold, not only does it begin to lose that perfect shape, but more importantly, it develops cracks and fissures in the ice itself.

When using an ice ball maker from The Whiskey Ice Co., you start with a large piece of ice and transform it into an ice ball. The physics behind our patent-pending ice ball maker are the key – the weight of the reclaimed aluminum coupled with its outstanding conductive ability literally creates the sphere right in front of your eyes, sealing any fissures that may have developed during the freezing process.

So, side by side, the two ice balls look similar. One is slightly round and made of ice and the other is perfectly spherical and made of ice. But the differences really appear when you add whiskey.

For our experiment, we took two identical glasses and two ice balls straight from the freezer so they were both the same exact temperature. We added whiskey to each glass and watched.

Almost immediately, the ice from the plastic mold began to show cracks. Within a few minutes, these cracks were getting larger. The ice ball from The Whiskey Ice Co. spherical ice ball maker however was doing just fine – no cracks at all.

In less than 10 minutes, the ice from the mold had completely split into pieces, while our ice ball was still...a ball. 

So, if you are tempted to use an ice ball mold, let us save you some time and frustration, as you might as well just use ice cubes. But if you want the real experience of a perfect sphere of ice cooling your beverage, but not watering it down, order a spherical ice ball maker from The Whiskey Ice Co. today!