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Bourbon Cocktail with Ginger Lemonade Ice Ball

The pairing of bourbon with lemon or ginger is about as old as bourbon itself, but the combination of all three elements is simply magical. With this recipe, a simple homemade ginger lemonade ice ball slowly melts into the bourbon, providing an entirely new take on this timeless combination. 


Rocks glass, 1 ½ oz./½ oz. jigger, Whiskey Ice Co spherical ice ball maker

Bourbon Cocktail with Ginger Lemonade Ice Ball

Bourbon Cocktail with Ginger Lemonade Ice Ball


2-3 ounce bourbon
1 ginger lemonade ice ball (see recipe below)
Slice of lemon for garnish

To Make Ginger Lemonade Ice Ball:

The key to success with this recipe is to strain any pulp from the lemon to aid in the ice ball formation process. Juice ½ lemon and add 2 tablespoons sugar, ½ teaspoon powdered ginger and 4 ounces of water. Stir to combine and strain through a fine mesh strainer into the Whiskey Ice Co. ice mold. Top off with more water to top of the logo. Freeze until solid and form an ice ball using your Whiskey Ice Co. spherical ice ball maker.

Place your ginger lemonade ice ball in a rocks glass and add room temperature bourbon. Swirl to chill and always enjoy responsibly.