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Mimosa with OJ Ice Ball Redux

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Since a well known brunch holiday is upon us this weekend, we decided that one of our all time favorite and most popular recipes needed a comeback (it's also one of the simplest recipes, too...even simpler than the World's Simplest Craft Cocktails we have shared before).

Before we continue, it's important to explain that one of our favorite meals of the day is brunch.

Brunch, it's what's for breakfast, err...lunch...what time did we wake up?

In your face other meals!!

In your face other meals!!

Ah, brunch. It's not quite breakfast, but it's perfectly acceptable to enjoy "breakfast" type food. It's not quite lunch either, but no one raises an eyebrow if you order a pizza or roast chicken (imagining a roast chicken breakfast pizza now)... That's what's great about brunch, it's pretty much an anything goes mashup of two great meal times.

Needless to say, brunch rules.  If meals were pro wrestlers, brunch would bodyslam the other meals.

Now that you know how much we enjoy brunch, we think the absolute best part of brunch is that you can enjoy a cocktail with your scrambled eggs and French Toast and no one even looks up from their Eggs Benedict! 

One of the cocktails that says "brunch" more than any other is the venerable Mimosa. It's so simple yet so perfectly perfect with any kind of brunch fare. We have had it with donuts - it works, with turkey and dressing - works, with eggs -works, with barbeque - it freaking works! That's why it is a great brunch companion.

Fresh-squeezed goodness, anyone? Anyone?!?

Fresh-squeezed goodness, anyone? Anyone?!?

The good and the meh.

As much as we enjoy our Mimosas, it it can sometimes suffer from two problems.

The first problem happens when poor judgement is exercised. No, we're not talking about drinking and driving (but don't do that either). We're talking about poor judgement on the part of the Mimosa maker (i.e. the person making it). This is due to using ingredients that aren't terrible, but they also aren't great either. As simple as it should be to make, it is still apparently easy to make a bad Mimosa.  The first problem is easy to resolve if you follow these two simple rules:

  1. Only use the best orange juice you can get (or squeeze it yourself) - does it make that big a difference? It certainly does. Only use orange juice that you enjoy drinking by itself. What's that? You don't like orange juice? Why the hell are you drinking Mimosas then? YOU'RE GROUNDED FROM DRINKING MIMOSAS MISTER! (or uh MADAME!)
  2. Equally important as rule #1 - Only use champagne or sparkling wine that is good to drink by itself - "What's wrong with my $2.49 sparkling wine?" you ask? Drink three glasses by itself and you will answer your own question. Two mediocre ingredients do not add up to equal 100%'s math... 2 * mediocre is double the mediocre.

The second problem is that well, sometimes even good Mimosas are a little boring (sorry Brunch Gods). So how do you revitalize this old brunch standby?

Behold The Mimosa with an OJ 'Ice Ball'

What once was lost now is found.

What once was lost now is found.

Let’s be honest. The only reason people put orange juice into a Mimosa is to justify it as appropriate for breakfast! By freezing your orange juice and forming into a perfect sphere, you can top it with champagne and get just a touch of orange juice. Besides being perhaps the most memorable Mimosa your guests have ever seen, it’s also very convenient, because the OJ ice ball will last for several cocktails, so you can simply keep adding champagne! Woot!


Stemless wine glass(es), Whiskey Ice Co Spherical Ice Ball Maker

Mimosa with an OJ Ice Ball, Yo!!!

Mimosa with an OJ Ice Ball, Yo!!!


Champagne or sparkling wine/cava
OJ Ice Ball (directions below)

To Make OJ Ice Ball:

Fill your Whiskey Ice Co Ice Plug Mold to the logo with pulp-free orange juice (do not use the calcium fortified variety of orange juice because the calcium tends to settle when freezing). If using fresh-squeeze orange juice, make sure to strain through a fine mesh strainer to remove any large pieces of pulp because pulp makes the sphere melt faster. Freeze until solid and form into an ice ball using your Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker.

Assembling the Drink:

Place your OJ ice ball in a stemless wine glass, top with chilled champagne.

Now, how simple was that? (Your answer: "simple!!") We thought so.

Remember to always enjoy always brunch responsibly.