Ice Ball Review – Pritchard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon

We are starting a new series of reviews with our Spherical Ice Ball Maker and we will be including reviews from our team along with guest reviews. This first review covers a rather unique bourbon and was reviewed by our friend Robert Perkins. Take it away Robert!

Chocolate and Bourbon? While it sounds like an intriguing combination, I was a little unsure of what to expect with Prichard's Double Chocolate Bourbon. The answer? Pritchard's Double Chocolate Bourbon is a unique and a surprisingly fine whiskey.

Prichard's Double Chocolate Bourbon is made using Prichard's Double Barreled Bourbon, which is an excellent whiskey in it's own right, and single origin cacao beans that are slowly roasted and stone ground by the Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company in Nashville, Tennessee. The exact process of infusing the bourbon with the cacao beans is a closely guarded secret but the result produces a wonderful whiskey experience that has hints of toffee and caramel typically associated with bourbon, but with a mellow, chocolaty finish. Most importantly, it has nothing in common with a scratch-and-sniff chocolate sticker, which is what most "chocolate" flavored spirits seem to have in spades.

Aroma: Vanilla, honey and complex aroma of chocolate

Taste: Rich and flavorful with caramel, vanilla and toffee

Finish: Mellow and subtle with a light chocolate and finish

Verdict: To quote the bottle "no two flavors are more complementary than bourbon and chocolate." This sums up this ingenious spirit perfectly. Priced around $63 it is well worth the money.

Please enjoy responsibly.