Ice Ball Review of Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila

Tequila is one of those things that people love or hate, the latter typically coming from some reaction to over-indulgent college experiences they would love to forget. Bad tequila has also made people weary of this complex and incredibly flavorful spirit.

People sometimes complain of the smoky agave characteristics and sharp finish.  For some, tequila is enjoyed an ingredient to the famous “Margarita” or people often think of “shots” of tequila, followed by grimacing and squinting of the eyes. Well, this is one tequila that will make tequila lovers swoon and critics change their tune. Selected from only the best piñas of the Weber blue agave plant, Patron’s Burdeos is a luxury añejo and is aged for a minimum of 12 months in new American and French oak barrels.  After a second distillation, it is racked again, but this time in specially-selected vintage Bordeaux wine barrels from France.

The color is dark amber and the taste is so velvety smooth and sweet that if it didn’t say “Patron” on the bottle, you would likely never know it was even tequila. It is the definition of a true “sipping tequila,” as the flavors slowly develop with the ice ball, transitioning from oak, almost whiskey-like notes, into raisin and vanilla. What is surprising is that the typical sharpness of pepper and smoke that usually comes from blue agave is virtually absent; making this one of the smoothest tequilas once can drink.

The elegance of the palate is carried on to the packaging – with each lead-free crystal bottle coming in what must be the most elaborate box ever seen; a box handcrafted from a single piece of black walnut, which doubles as a display case for the bar, complete with a custom cork screw and crystal stopper.

Aroma: Rich Bordeaux, vanilla and dried fruit
Taste: Rich, fruity with wood notes and berries
Finish: Exceptionally smooth, silky and subtle, with a short finish on the palate

Verdict: Priced at $500-600 per bottle, it is ultimately not something everyone will have an opportunity to try, which is a shame because it is a wonderful example of how good tequila can be.  If you have the means and opportunity to purchase a bottle, buy it now – if not, find a bar where you can enjoy a taste.

Remember to always enjoy responsibly.