Recipes from the Lab

Vodka Gimlet with Lime Ice Ball

While often made with gin, the gimlet is a classic cocktail known most for one key ingredient: Rose’s lime juice. By adding the Rose’s lime directly to the ice ball, you’ve not only dressed up the presentation of this great cocktail, but enhanced its enjoyment as well.

2 ounces good quality vodka
1 wedge fresh lime
½ ounce simple syrup
1 lime ice ball
Strip of lime peel for garnish

Shaker, strainer, martini glass, Whiskey Ice Co Spherical Ice Ball Maker, ½ oz – 1 ½ oz. Professional Stainless Jigger

To Make Lime Ice Ball:
Place 2 ounces of Rose’s lime juice into your Whiskey Ice Co. Ice Mold. Fill to top of logo with fresh cold water. Freeze until solid and form an ice ball using your Whiskey Ice Co. Spherical Ice Ball Maker.
Chill the martini glass by filling it with ice and placing to the side to chill. In a shaker, pour vodka over a few ice cubes. Add simple syrup, the juice from lime wedge and shake until chilled. Discard the ice from martini glass and add the lime ice ball. Strain vodka mixture into the glass and garnish with strip of lime peel.

And remember to always enjoy responsibly.