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Professional Series Spherical Ice Ball Maker™ Set in Silver with Black Base

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The Whiskey Ice Co.® Professional Series Ice Ball Maker™ extends the performance of the Original Spherical Ice Maker™ by rapidly recharging it with warmth allowing it to produce ice shapes more quickly while enabling continuous, back-to-back use.

Currently shipping with a 10 to 15 day lead time.

Our Patent Pending technology allows for consecutive ice shapes to be formed without the need for “wait-time” or manually re-heating your ice ball maker set .

The Intelligent Auto-temp™ induction heat system monitors the temperature 20 times per second, automatically keeping it in the optimal range for worry-free operation.

How it Works

  • Place the Spherical Ice Maker on the Professional Series Heated Base

  • The Intelligent Auto-Temp™ Induction heat system will rapidly restore lost heat to your ice ball maker

  • This will allow you to form ice spheres or other shapes in as little as 15 seconds

  • It will also allow you to form ice spheres and other shapes one after another, after another, after another

  • The Intelligent Auto-Temp™ system monitors the temperature up to 20 times every second and restores heat when the heated base drops in temperature by only 3 degrees below its warmth threshold

  • This means no waiting for your ice ball maker to warm up again and no running water on it to warm it up manually

  • It also means you are not limited to only one ice ball before it gets too cold to make more!


  • Silver Original Spherical Ice Ball Maker is included with 8 ice plug cup-molds

  • Waterproof Intelligent Auto-Temp™ induction heat

  • Automatically controlled temperature monitored 20 times per second

  • NEMA 4X Waterproof Digital Interface and NEMA 4X Enclosure

  • Attached automatic drain reservoir, which holds approximately 4 to 5 ice balls’ worth of water melt (if not using the automatic drain)

  • Remote drain valve & tube assembly for continuous draining into a bar sink

  • UL Listed, GFCI protected electronics, and carries the CE mark

  • Heavy duty construction designed for commercial use

  • Secondary Water Catch Pan Included (not shown)

  • Available in either the standard 250 Watt model or the Pro+ 500 Watt model for high-volume bars

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty*

*2-year warranty on electronics, lifetime for other components

For our friends in the EU, UK, Asia and Australia, please note that the system includes a US-style grounded 110v GFCI power cord. For safety purposes, the included GFCI power cord must be used, so it will require a plug and voltage converter similar to the “Bestek Travel Adapter-Converter". (external link)

If you require a 220/240v version,
please contact us.


14.5"L x 7.5"W x 4"H 

9"L x 9"W x 18"H 


30 lbs (13.6 kg) for the Professional Series Heated Base

18 lbs (8.6 kg) for the Spherical Ice Ball Maker


Solid Anodized Aluminum from the USA
Stainless Steel from the USA
NEMA 4X Waterproof Digital Interface
NEMA 4X Enclosure
Waterproof Induction Heating System 
UL Listed and GFCI protected electronics
Carries the CE Mark for Europe

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You have our Lifetime Product Promise, for a lifetime of enjoyment.

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

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