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Eli™ Julep Strainer - Copper


The Eli™ Julep Strainer combines high quality and affordability for a Julep strainer that is easy on the wallet.

Originally meant as an accessory to serve mint juleps in the late 1930s, before the drinking straw was popular, the julep strainer allowed a drinker to sip their julep without a cascade of crushed ice and mint on themselves. The ice and mint were held back with the strainer, while the julep was sipped.

Julep strainers are considered to be one of the "staples" of bar tools. A julep strainer consists of a perforated bowl-shaped cup and an attached handle. Its larger size makes it better for straining from mixing glasses.

  • Plated in pure copper

  • Coated in a food-safe lacquer to prevent tarnishing

  • Fits standard and over-sized mixing glasses

  • Hand-washing with our Bartenders' Secret™ or a mild dish soap and water is recommended

  • Copper tools are not dishwasher safe

  • Do not use any tarnish remover-type cleaners


Approximately 7 in/17.8 cm long

You have our Lifetime Product Promise, for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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