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Hawthorne Strainer - Copper


The name "Hawthorne Strainer" is well-known in bartending lingo. It's a valuable tool in the bar tool arsenal. When it was originally created, it was intended for straining Julep cocktails around the late 1800s and was in fact originally patented as a ‘julep strainer’, what we would eventually call the "Hawthorne strainer" got its name from its use at the Hawthorne Cafe, in Boston, MA. It never caught on as the true Julep strainer, due to the Julep-style strainer being developed around the same time but it is probably one of the most ubiquitous tools you'll find in a bar.

Hawthorne strainer

The coiled spring design allows it to fit almost any size of glass, the same coil is typically designed to be removed easily for cleaning.

Our Hawthorne strainers have a very elegant vintage look and carry our Lifetime Product Promise.

  • Made from polished 304 (18/8) Stainless Steel plated in pure copper and coated with a food-grade lacquer to protect the finish from tarnishing

  • Fits standard and over-sized mixing glasses and shaker tins

  • Hand-washing with our Bartenders' Secret™ or a mild dish soap and water is recommended

  • Copper bar tools are NOT dishwasher safe


Approximately 7 in/17.8cm long

You have our Lifetime Product Promise, for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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