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Augustin™ Shaker Tin Set - Stainless Steel


Augustin™ Tins are made from high-grade stainless steel and are designed to separate easily after shaking your cocktail. 

  • The Augustin™ Large Weighted Shaking Tin is designed to be used with the Augustin™ Small Weighted Shaking Tin to provide a sure seal and clean release
  • The set accommodates two drinks in the same shaker
  • Fits most standard heavy-duty pint glasses in-place of the Augustin™ Small Weighted Shaking Tin
  • Hand-washing with our Bartenders' Secret™ or a mild dish soap and water is recommended
  • Stainless steel tools may also be washed in the dishwasher

Augustin™ Shaker Tins are a perfect compliment to the Spherical Ice Maker.

Dimensions Large Shaker Tin:

    Top Diameter: 3 ¾ in.
    Bottom Diameter: 2 ³⁄₁₆ in.
    Height: 7 in.
    Capacity: 30 oz.

Dimensions Small Shaker Tin:

    Top Diameter: 3 ³⁄₁₆ in.
    Bottom Diameter: 2 ¼ in.
    Height: 4 ⅝ in.
    Capacity: 15 oz.


    0.25 lbs.


    Solid 8/18 Stainless Steel from the USA

    Made in the USA

You have our Lifetime Product Promise, for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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